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We are a small however reputable Catholic School Community. Our Community includes Catholic Junior High School as well as Catholic High School. Altogether, these two are attended by about 200 students, who are divided among 150 and 50 for each of the schools respectively. What is typical of the school are small groups in which the pupils learn, as the biggest class counts about 20 students. This makes the individaul groups pretty comfortable to work with, regardless the level. The school is located in a beatiful region in the north of Poland, in the Pomerania region, just in the halfway between Gdansk, to the north, and Bydgoszcz, to the south. Chojnice, where we come from, is a town of around 40 thousand inhabitants and it boasts a very picturesque old town market square. More important, however, are the surroundings. Chojnice, and the school, is surrounded by many National and Landscape parks as well as beautiful lakes and small rivers. The region's unique atmosphere and landscapes make this place very valuable in terms of ecology and environment and definitely worth visiting